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Semantic offers a unique digital service that enables all supply chain stakeholders to exchange information seamlessly, work together more efficiently and streamline their transport operations

- for ERP system providers

- for TMS systems and logistics operators

Semantic Hub

Semantic Hub provides an, easy to implement, API connection to the safe Peppol Logistics network.  The safe infrastruture provides link to documents presented in PDF.

Semantic Bridge

Semantic Bridge provides modules for automation, workflow and setup of conversion to legacy formats like EDIFACT or proprietary XML or CSV.

Semantic Portal

Semantic Portal is an intuitive web interface and dashboard to manage logistics data or analytics. It can be integrated as a white label solution and offered as an entry point for partners.

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Client Testimonials

Semantic provides our client the possibillity to send and receive invoices and credit notes directly from Saldi without being bothered with the complex details of the standards.
Peter Rhode, Founder and director, Saldi ApS
Semantic provides Winfinans with a strategic REST-API interface to Peppol and Nemhandel.
Jacob Walsøe, Winfinans ApS