Why Semantic

Semantic is more than just a Peppol and Nemhandel provider. We provide an extended access by

  • Making it possible to copy the documents to others than the receiver
  • Supporting links to PDF editions of the documents to external parties
  • Offering whitelabel solutions with subdomains and SSO

We have a good library that makes it easy to connect to our API. You can try it out with by using our sandbox account or create your own tenant account.

Semantic offers a generic converter that makes it possible to convert to and from Edifact, XML and CSV. We also have an event driven workflow engine, that allows you to automate your business. If your concern is compliance, we offer a tool to validate accross multiple business documents.

Semantic has a background in software development in standard building. Our purpose is to provide interoperabillity between systems. Contact us if you want to learn more.