Why Semantic

Semantic offers a complete solution to access Peppol and enable Peppol Logistic documents in your logistics operations. Our solution ensures seamless integration with your existing ERP and TMS systems, enhancing the efficiency, accuracy, and transparency of your logistics processes. Our Semantic solution ensures you are always up to date with International regulations for Peppol Logistic Documents.

Easily Integrated and Embedded

Integrating the global Peppol Logistics network and documents into your daily logistics operations is simplified with our comprehensive Semantic solution. Our solution also includes an API application for your business partners if they are not yet connected to the Peppol Network. You also have the option to offer a Semantic white-label solution to your customers or business partners.

7-Step Guide

This package includes a 7-step guide, enabling you to sign up and access the Peppol Network automatically, set up your organization, define the documents you wish to exchange, download our code examples, test, and verify. You can be ready to go live with less than a day’s effort.

Data Conversion Made Easy

The Semantic data conversion application ensures compatibility with different data formats. Convert data from other sources such as EDIFACT, XML, or CSV using our data conversion application to minimize time. The data conversion module allows you to set up data conversion to and from the Semantic API.


The workflow module automates logistics processes. Automation is made easy with our event-driven workflow module. Define the events or statuses critical to comply with legislation and your service level agreements. The workflow also supports sending Peppol documents to multiple receivers.


The notification module keeps stakeholders informed in real-time. Our Semantic solution offers several channels to notify: SMS, email, and webhook.

Data Validation

Our data validation module ensures the accuracy and compliance of all documents received and sent.

Last mile support

Our Semantic Portal allows mobile access to support last mile delivery. From local distribution center (either your own or your logistics partner’s) to the end consumer, where the digital Waybill can be signed