Semantic introduces a new API to support Peppol Logistics, a new generation of
Logistics EDI. Peppol Logistics is compliant with the eFTI EU directive and offers
support of:

  1. Logistics documents can be sent to all parties registered on the network. There is no need for individual IT integration projects or time-consuming pair-to-pair tests.
  2. Peppol documents support automatic semantic data exchange, documents that do not follow the format or business rules, defined by the standard, can be rejected.
  3. Carbon Oxide Emission reporting is supported.
  4. Cabotage reporting is in scope.

Peppol Logistics supports the following documents:

  • Advanced Despatch advice. The advanced Depatch advice links the procurement process with the logistics and can carry information about the total Carbon Oxide Emission.
  • Receipt Advice. The receipt advice acts as a repsonse to the Despatch advice and can report damages and descrepancies.
  • Weight statement. The weight statement reports about the weight of what is delivered.
  • Transport Execution Plan Request. The Transport Execution Plan Request is a booking request and allows the transport buyer to make bookings in an uniform way.
  • Transport Execution Plan. The Transport Execution Plan is the booking document and describes the plan for pickup and delivering the consignment for all shipment stages.
  • Waybill. The Waybil is a multimodal waybill that supports CMR, Bill of Laden, Air waybill and rail waybill. This is the first document in the actual execution process and the contain for instance the licence plate or the id of the vessel.
  • Transportation Status. The Transportation Status describes the status of the transport and is for instance issued when the goods is delivered or picked up.
  • Transportation Status Request. The Transportation Status Request is a request for getting a status.

With Peppol Logistics the logistics parties get a single standard that supports full online transparency by exchanging the documents to all relevant parties. Semantic supports also access to the documents for the parties who are not in the Peppol Network. Through partners, we also support the haulier with last mile support such as stoplist and digital signature on a mobile app.